September 2020: I will be presenting my paper “The Blame Frame: Predicting the U.S. Public’s Response during the Coronavirus Outbreak” in a planned symposia titled COVID-19: Risk Communication and Social Dynamics of Transmission and Vulnerability #2 on Tuesday, December 15 from 02:30 p.m. to 04:000 p.m. (EST) at SRA 2020 (virtual).

July 2020: I will be presenting my paper “Fast and frugal: Information processing related to the coronavirus pandemic” in a refereed paper session on Thursday, August 6 from 10:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. (PDT) at AEJMC 2020 (virtual). ComSHER will also be funding my registration fee for the conference this year!

May 2020: I have three co-authored papers (Dr. Janet Yang; Dr. David Lee; Veronica Liu; Zoey Yue) accepted to AEJMC 2020!

May 2020: I have two piece of news to share: (1) My article is now available online in the Journal of Risk Research here, and (2) I have officially assumed my graduate research assistant position!

April 2020: I am excited to share that I have officially accepted a graduate research assistantship position (funded by National Science Foundation grant under Dr. Janet Yang, my co-advisor). Starting May, I will assume this position!

March 2020: I have new current projects listed on this website! At present, I am also starting a fourth project on COVID-19 focusing on media use and social distancing led by Kaitlin Fitzgerald (and in collaboration with Dr. Melanie Green, Dr. David Lee, & Zhiying (Zoey) Yue.)

March 2020: My first first-authored publication (co-authored with Dr. Janet Yang), “Seeing is believing: Examining self-efficacy and trait hope as moderators of youths’ positive risk-taking intention”, has been accepted for publication to the Journal of Risk Research! It is currently in press.

February 2020: I am currently working on a National Science Foundation (NSF) Project led by Dr. Janet Yang, on psychological distance and risk perception surrounding COVID-19. In Fall 2020, I will assume the position of Dr. Yang’s graduate research assistant!

January 2020: I will be starting a new project with Dr. Melanie Green, Dr. David Lee, Zhiying (Zoey) Yue, and Zhuling (Veronica) Liu. The research investigates habitual versus purposeful use of Instagram on smartphones. In particular, we examine psychosocial rewards and gratifications for use. I am also a member of a new lab led by Dr. Lee.

December 2019: My poster, “Seeing is Believing: How Inflated Self-Assessments Affect Youths’ Positive Risk-Taking” is awarded the Top Poster at the Society for Risk Analysis (SRA) 2019!

December 2019: I will present my poster (co-authored with Dr. Janet Yang) at SRA 2019!

November 2019: I will be at NCA 2019 to present a co-authored paper with Dr. Melanie Green!

October 2019: I am a recipient of the NCA 2019 Student Caucus Travel Grant!

September 2019: I am a recipient of the SRA 2019 Travel Award!

July 2019: My co-authored paper with Dr. Janet Z. Yang is accepted to SRA 2019! The study, “Seeing is Believing: How Self-inflated Assessments and Gender Affect Youths’ Positive Risk-taking” explores how young adults vicariously learn through watching videos. Different implications concerning increased levels of hope and being female are posed.

June 2019: My co-authored paper with Dr. Melanie C. Green is accepted to NCA 2019! The study, “Interpersonal-Connection-Behaviors Framework: The Pitfalls of Non-Connection and Likelihood of Attrition on Social Technologies” investigates how loneliness, social comparison, and non-connection (lack of belongingness) influence the likelihood of attrition on social-networking sites (SNSs). We found that different factors predict satisfaction versus discontinuation on SNSs.

April 2019: I have been elected as vice president for the Communication Graduate Student Association (CGSA) for Fall 2019/2020.

Spring 2019: I started two new research projects with Dr. Melanie C. Green and Dr. Janet Z. Yang respectively. The project with Dr. Green is a continuation from our first study on the pitfalls of non-connection and likelihood of attrition of social technologies. The project with Dr. Yang looks at positive risk-taking tendencies and vicarious learning amongst youths.

January 2019: My solo-authored paper is accepted to ICA 2019! “To Whom are We Polite: An Examination of People’s Politeness of Disagreement Messages amongst Friends and Strangers” was part of my Master’s thesis where I first conceived the idea for the paper with my former advisor, Dr. Joe Walther. The study addresses the various goal-states people have, either relational-oriented or goal-oriented, when constructing disagreement messages offline and online to various audiences.

Fall 2018: I started two new research projects with Dr. Janet Z. Yang and Dr. Melanie C. Green respectively. The project with Dr. Yang investigates personality traits with respect to individuals’ self-presentation online. The project with Dr. Green examines the pitfalls of non-connection and the termination phase of SNSs using the Interpersonal-connection-behaviors framework.